Kelly Bordeaux Piano Studio


The best way for your child to get the most out of their piano instruction is with consistent lesson attendance and regular home practice. Students who are committed to daily, quality practice retain the most from piano instruction. The most important time for students to practice is right after their weekly lesson (the same day), so as to solidify what they have just learned. Students are expected to put in   5-7 quality practice sessions per week.

If your child fails to practice during the week, lessons are a waste of your hard-earned money.

Parent involvement in home practice is extremely important for a student's success. Parents agree to help their student establish a regular practice time that is free from distractions. If you are the parent of an elementary-aged student or a beginning student, please sit with your child for at least part of their daily practice. My goal is for all my students to understand the material and make good progress, so please feel free to ask questions about assignments and encourage your child to as well.


All students (with the exception of WunderKeys students) must have daily access to an acoustic piano at home to ensure proper practice. An 88-key full-sized with weighted, touch-sensitive keys and pedal is also acceptable. Other than the above-mentioned type, a keyboard is not an acceptable instrument and will not allow a student to sufficiently practice the piano. Students need to have access to some kind of metronome of some kind as well. There are many suitable physical metronomes available on Amazon. There are also many metronome apps available for as little as $2-$3.


All students are expected to participate in the Spring Recital, which takes places at 3:00 pm on the third Sunday in May. Other opportunities for students to perform may become available throughout the year as well.