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WunderKeys lessons are for students as young as four who have not yet completed an entire year of preschool.

What is WunderKeys?

It’s a head start in music… but also a head start in math! There is a window of opportunity during the preschool years when learning the piano can facilitate neural connections in the brain needed for mathematical understanding later in life. The WunderKeys program was developed to make the most of these important years. Throughout this program, your child will get a head start on the math concepts they will be learning in Kindergarten while having fun at the piano! WunderKeys lessons are for students as young as four who have not yet completed an entire year of preschool.

My little one is really active, will they be sitting at the piano for 30 minutes?

WunderKeys was designed with preschoolers’ needs in mind. They will NOT be expected to sit on the piano bench for 30 minutes! I incorporate several different activities into each lesson to ensure your child is always focused, engaged, and active - each activity is designed to reinforce concepts learned in their books.  My priority is to ensure that your child is enjoying every single minute of their lessons!


Do I need a piano at home?

Your child will need an instrument to practice on at home. This can be an acoustic piano, a digital piano or even a small keyboard.

I have no musical background at all. How can I help my child at home?

After each lesson in the book is a Home Activity Sheet that can be completed with your child during practice time at home. The books are designed to allow all parents to help with home practice, regardless of prior musical knowledge. At this age practice time should be approximately 5-10 minutes every day and is spent reinforcing what was learned in the lesson, and building finger strength and coordination. The intent is for home practice to provide you with some “bonding on the bench” time with your child, sharing in the fun of music. 

How do I know if my child is ready for WunderKeys lessons?

Click here for help in determining your child's readiness for WunderKeys lessons.




I'm off on a roadtrip today, hooray! Would you like to join me? Come on, let's play!

RoadTrip! is for young students, ages 4 and up who have completed the WunderKeys program or have completed one full year of preschool.

What is RoadTrip?

RoadTrip! is a primer level lesson book series that is perfect for very early beginners. Students master basic music fundamentals while creating a musical memory book that becomes a keepsake item to commemorate their maiden voyage into piano lessons. It's full-time fun!