Kelly Bordeaux Piano Studio


Private lessons for students in Kindergarten through high school are given weekly in 30- and 45-minute lengths. Beginner’s and young students begin with 30-minute weekly lessons and progress to 45-minute lessons when I recommend they are ready and the parent agrees.

Group lessons (for Kindergarten-aged students and up) are given four times a year in place of the private lesson (except in isolated cases) and are 60 minutes in length. Two to five students are assigned to each group based on age, ability level and scheduling availability.  Group lessons provide a fun environment for students to review theory concepts and participate in rhythm and ear-training activities, as well as further develop performance and listening skills.


Private lessons for the 2016-2017 school year include 32 weeks of instruction - 28 individual lessons & 4 group lessons. Lessons run with the public school calendar and are taught from the end of August thru mid-May. Students should plan to commit to lessons for the full school year (Aug-May) as the tuition you pay reserves an exclusive weekly time in my schedule for your child for the entire year. Please choose a lesson time that you are confident your student can keep throughout the entire year. Students are expected to attend each scheduled week of the year. No refunds or payment adjustments will be given for missed lessons for any reason.


If your child must miss a lesson because of conflict or illness, please contact me with as much advanced notice as possible.  Phone calls, emails and texts are all acceptable ways of contacting me. Please refrain from using Facebook to cancel a lesson, as I do not check daily. I do not answer the phone during the hours that I teach lessons, so please be sure to leave a message if I am not able to answer.


If your child is sick enough to miss school, they should not attend their lesson. Students should be free from fever, vomiting & diarrhea without the use of pain medications for at least 24-hours so as not to spread germs through the studio and my home.


To help with occasional unavoidable changes in students' schedules, you can choose to be part of my Swap List. (Please be sure to mark the appropriate box on your paperwork if you do not want to be included in the list.) If a lesson swap is made, please notify me immediately or add me to the e-mail or text, so that I can plan accordingly. Should two students arrive at the same time for a lesson in a swap misunderstanding, the lesson will given to the student who normally comes at that time.


If Manchester Community Schools are running on a 2- or 3-hour delay, morning lessons may be affected as well as 3:30 & 4:00 lessons on a 3-hour delay day. If your lesson time is affected by the delay, I will contact you. If Manchester Community Schools are cancelled for the day, lessons WILL almost always take place as usual. Every effort should be made to make it to your lesson, assuming the roads are not hazardous.


Make-up lessons are NOT guaranteed for students who miss lessons for any reason. My studio operates at full capacity and there is no extra time built into my schedule for make-up lessons. However, as a service to students and parents, I post any lesson cancelations that I receive on my website and also link it to my private Facebook group page. If a student must miss an individual lesson due to illness or conflict and a lesson swap cannot be made, you have the option to reschedule with me based on the available time slots posted. You are responsible to check the website schedule and contact me to reserve a make-up lesson time should one be available. Each student may schedule a maximum of two make-up lessons with me per school year using this system. Students who fail to show up for a lesson without out notifying me will not be given the option of scheduling a make-up lesson. Every effort should be made to utilize the Swap List and arrange a lesson swap before attempting to schedule a make-up lesson with me. Missed group lessons cannot be made up.


This year there are 34 weeks of instruction on my calendar. You are paying for 32 weeks of instruction. This allows me to personally cancel up to two of your child’s lessons should I need to in the case of my personal illness, my family’s illness, inclement weather, unexpected emergency etc. Because of these built in weeks, I will not be scheduling a make-up lesson with you if I personally cancel your lesson. If at the end of the year, I have not needed to use any or all of my “flex days,” your child could possibly receive one or two lessons for free. (Free lessons are not guaranteed.) If I have to personally cancel more than three of your child's lessons, your May tuition payment will be adjusted down to reflect this.


Initiated by the Instructor

Aside from their parents, I am my students’ biggest cheerleader and want nothing more than to see each one succeed in learning to play the piano and enjoy music for life. However, I reserve the right to terminate lessons for any of the following reasons:

  • Lack of progress because of failure to practice

  • Lack of an appropriate instrument for practice

  • Repeated failure to bring all materials to lessons

  • Failure to return materials from my lending library or continually returning damaged items

  • Excessive absences or missing lessons without notifying me

  • Parents failing to make payments on time 

Initiated by the Student/Parent

Everyone stops taking piano lessons at some point. My hope is that the decision to discontinue is a discussion between the parent, student and myself. Students and parents are committing to an entire school year of lessons when registering with my studio.  Please keep in mind that refunds will not be given if students quit lessons mid-year. If unforeseen circumstances should arise and a student must terminate lessons mid-year, one month's paid notice is required to end lessons.