Kelly Bordeaux Piano Studio

“WunderKeys has been an excellent program for my preschooler.  She counts down the days until she can go again and loves practicing what she has learned. I’ve been amazed at the variety of things that she has learned, from music to math skills. I would highly recommend this program for any preschooler.”

                                                                        - Jasmine, Parent


"My daughter loved playing all of the math pattern games and the singing activities. Throughout the week we would hear her singing songs she had learned. She absolutely enjoyed Wunderkeys; it was the highlight of her week!"

                                                                       - Jennifer, Parent

"My daughter looks forward to her WunderKeys lesson each week.  Through WunderKeys and Kelly's effective teaching style and incredible musical talent, my daughter now has a love for the piano and is eager to learn more and improve her skills."
                                                                       - Sherri, Parent


"This was my son's first year to take piano from Kelly Bordeaux.  It was an exciting year of growth for him and his piano playing ability.  Not only that, Kelly created a deeper confidence in him that shows each time he walks out of her home with a big smile on his face."

                                                                       - Julie, Parent


“I love having a teacher that can teach me to be a real piano player. Kelly makes the lessons fun with piano games. Everybody should take piano lessons!”

                                                                       - Payton, Student (at age 7)


“God has gifted Kelly Bordeaux with many gifts.  She is a talented and passionate piano teacher.  Kelly really cares about each of her student's success.  She is well organized and insightful to each child's needs.  She is very encouraging and provides the right balance of explanation and demonstration as needed.  Kelly Bordeaux Piano Studio has been and continues to be an excellent learning experience for my two son's musical development.  We are appreciative of Kelly's dedication in teaching Ethan & Collin.”

                                                                       - Traci, Parent


“We have been very pleased with how well our daughter has done as well as enjoyed her music since taking lessons with Mrs. Bordeaux.”

                                                                       - Pam, Parent  


“I’d recommend her to anybody.  Great piano teacher.”

                                                                       - Roonie, Student (at age 11)